Inspired tiles from the Spanish coast
During 1976, in the Castellon province of Spain, the world-famous Grespania ceramic manufacturing company was founded. 

Producing collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs, the company uses a combination of ongoing investment in the manufacturing process, application of the latest advances in design, and a permanent concern for the ‘good of the environment’; which have all helped ‘stamp’ the Grespania brand as a global market leader for the over 40 years.

The possibilities within the Grespania product range are endless: from ideas for those seeking a touch of personality and unique style for their homes, to technical solutions for professionals involved in the most exciting building projects.

Grespania has three factories all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processes for the production of porcelain floor tiles, white body wall tiles and large format porcelain slabs up to 120×360 in size in varying thicknesses as well as slabs in 10.5mm and 12mm thickness ideal for worktops, tables and wardrobes.

Such is the demand for their products, the Grespnia factory produces around 10 million square metres a year. With everything from floor and wall tiles, bespoke pieces, and mosaics.