Delightful traditional tiles for the classic period look
Geometric floor tiles are part of Britain’s heritage and were used originally to ornament medieval churches and monasteries, and the homes of the aristocracy.

Their popularity was enhanced in the 1830s when the young Queen Victoria came to the throne, and they soon became one of the hallmarks of the new Romantic Movement.  Nostalgia for Victorian elegance led Original Style to recreate this classic range of floor tiles, using modern production methods combined with traditional clay and coloured stains.

Many British homes built from around 1860 (when these types of floors became popular for houses as well as palaces, churches, pubs and shops) may well have had a tiled front path, porch, entrance hall or kitchen. It’s easy to replicate or restore these areas to their original glory with our Victorian geometric floor tiles, which are hard wearing, long lasting, make light of wet weather and most of all are simply beautiful. Many of the patterns and borders available are based on authentic and original designs from Victorian and Edwardian times and are part of Britain’s heritage. 

Our Victorian Tiles range has a wealth of inspirational patterns, borders and hand decorated tiles in both traditional and more contemporary settings.